At Krismar we are personally involved in every step of the processes, taking place in house:

-Sourcing raw materials
-Processing medicinal herbs
-Distilling essential oils and floral waters
-Manufacturing extracts

In this extremely well-researched process, with attention paid to every detail, our professional herbalists successfully attain the highest possible standards.

KRISMAR has been active in the pharmaceutical market since 1938. As a result, KRISMAR can offer you a very wide range of organic certified raw materials. You can always contact us for any reference regarding:

– Medicinal and aromatic plants
– active ingredients
– flavonoids
– standard extracts

Social responsibility

Fair trade and sustainability are key elements to Krismar’s vision and philosophy. We pay special attention to our partnership with collectors, workers, farmers and raw materials suppliers at regional and national level who receive fair prices for their work and efforts. As part of our commitment to ensuring a sustainable environment, our facilities are optimized to offer clean & pharmaceutical gradeproducts, with non-pollutant & environment friendly characteristics.
We ensure safety rules as well as compliance with labour standards and international human rights legislations.

In order to popularize organic agriculture in Bulgaria and worldwide KRISMAR is a proud member of Bulgarian Organic Products Association(BOPA) and of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement(IFOAM)

Contact us:

52A Maria Luiza Blv.
4400 Pazardzhik

+359 34 446 272
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