Hypericum perforatum

(St. John’s Wort)

Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum

Common Method Of Extraction: Steam distilled

Parts Used: Aerial

Note Classification: Middle

Aroma: Soft, herbal, balsamic

Largest Producing Countries: Serbia, USA, and Bulgaria

Traditional Use: Known for wound healing and antidepressant properties. The plant is used dried, as an infused oil, and an essential oil.
Properties: Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, nervine, vulnerary
Benefits: Anxiety, bruises, depression, mild burns, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, sciatica, sunburn, tension, toothache, varicose veins, wounds. The essential oil may be added to balms, ointments, and massage oils for topical applications.
Of Interest: The flowers and stems of the plant have been used to make red and yellow dyes.
Safety Data: Avoid while pregnant. Not for internal use.